More Students Aim To Crowdfunding To Pay College Tuition

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) Crowdfunding is becoming more typical.

People and groups raise cash on the Web for all sort of causes.

But now, some students are requesting for donations to assistto assist pay their college tuition.

For lots of students, spending for college is a financial battle. Raised by a grandmother on Social Security and food stamps, Nick Moran of the South Side graduated last spring from Point Park University on scholarship.

Now hes ready to begin graduate school at Columbia University.

“Its $50,000 a year to generally go to school,” Moran told KDKA cash editor Jon Delano on Monday.

So to helpto aid raise tuition and avoid six-figure loans, Moran created a websites on GoFundMe to solicit contributions.

“I believed that that would be a really terrific way to market myself, and hopefully, end up with some type of funding to helpto assist cut the costs,” said Moran.

Hes hardly alone.

Both GoFundMe and Indiegogo are completeteem with these requests from students for help.

“I see it all the time on my Facebook, individuals publishing their tuitions,” said Jerimiah Elsass, a Point Park junior.

Its an effort to prevent extraordinary debt.

“They train you while youre in college to expect to be drowning in debt by the time youre out, and after that you have a six-month grace duration and youre sort of screwed,” added Alyssa Briddes, a Point Park junior.

The fall term has only simply begun and currently there are 130,000 GoFundMe educational accounts, and, if you can believe this, theyve currently raised $20 million.

Its not simply for tuition.

Students also raise money for unique school tasks like an Indiegogo make up Point Park students producing a brief movie for class.

“We get cash from the school, but weve now taken it into our own hands trying to get a larger offer, wantingwishing to do more with our movies,” kept in mind Sarah Elliehausen, a Point Park junior.

But even students understand you cant make sure everything on the Web is genuine.

“It all truly comes down to how they present themselves on the Indiegogo or Kickstarter or whatever they pick, since the more they put in their bio or the video supplements the authenticity of it,” included Connor Yoho, a Point Park junior.

You may double-check before you give.

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